3 Common Myths About ED Vacuum Pumps

There are various treatment options available for erectile dysfunction problems, a lot of which are non-surgical and noninvasive. Which treatment option is right for you will depend on the sort of erectile dysfunction you’re having and your health/medical history.

They’re simple to use and avoid possible drug interactions and serious side effects from medications — but like many ED choices, they are still associated with many different myths and misconceptions. Today we are debunking three common myths concerning ED vacuum pumps.

Vacuum pumps can increase a penis’ size.

While it’s a fact that a vacuum pump can create an erection bigger, it’s only momentary. This vacuum draws blood into the penis, quickly giving the consumer an erection, together with continued use resulting in a harder, long-lasting erection – an entirely scientific procedure.

In the brief term, this will make the penis somewhat more extensive than ordinary. Depending on the pumping integrity, even more blood than usual can be forced to the penis, which makes it engorged to the stage of enlargement. However, once the election has passed, the penis will return to average size. An erection attained with no penis pump will typically differ in size.

They don’t get the job done.

An extensive study of vacuum pump consumers with erectile problems found that 90 percent had improved erectile function after use. And while vacuum pumps like Bathmate won’t get rid of the issue preventing you from attaining or sustaining an erection, it is the only best way to recover your sexual ability and confidence.

We have designed Bathmate to remove the risks and issues of other pumps, making them a safer alternative to ED drugs that might result in hard side effects such as fainting, headaches, and blurred vision. Furthermore, these drugs may take up to 40 minutes or so to kick, while vacuum pumps work almost instantly.

My symptoms may improve if I get a good night’s rest and eat healthily.

While it’s true that maintaining a wholesome diet and consistently getting enough sleep can help your overall wellbeing and begin to improve erectile dysfunction, that isn’t all it requires. There are dozens of issues that can lead to ED, including quite a few future physical and psychological health issues like cardiovascular issues, anxiety, depression, anxiety sleep apnea, and low testosterone levels, certain kinds of prescription medications, diabetes, smoking, and more.

It’s essential to work with your health care provider first to determine the cause of your ED symptoms. As soon as you have done so, helping your physical symptoms through penile exercises and vacuum pumps can help.

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