Bathmate Control


One of the biggest sexual problems for many people is eternal power – can you keep going long enough to satisfy your partner truly? If you’re looking for a way to add time and pleasure, Bathmate Control makes a real difference, delaying orgasm and preventing premature ejaculation.

After applying the Bathmate Control gel, it takes about 40 minutes to take full effect (although you will feel many effects quickly). It remains active for several hours afterward, giving you all the tools for unforgettable sex.

Bathmate Control is entirely safe to use and has undergone comprehensive clinical trials to ensure safety. It uses various natural ingredients that are all selected to help maximize enjoyment and performance, including Gingko Biloba, Ginseng, and more. Free of alcohol, perfume, and parabens, Bathmate Control is safe for users with sensitive skin and is 100% biodegradable.


Warehouses process and ship orders same day and are strategically located to reach domestic and international customers within a few days

bathmate guarantee


Don’t worry if you are not satisfied with the bathmate results. The manufacturer is very concerned with customers who might not be happy with the pump action. For this customer, a money-back guarantee that is valid for 60 days is offered.

So, if after using Bathmate you think that the benefits you get don’t fully meet your needs, you can ask the manufacturer to send your money back without explanation.

The length of the refund period is sufficient to assess all the benefits the device can provide.

However, your money is protected. And you won’t lose it if something goes wrong.